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Sun in Sans-souci, Potsdam

G'n'B SONGS... G'n'B SONGS... G'n'B SONGS...


A happy choir song, with a quite good rythm,
to be sung together in a round,
for sustainable development, recycling and...
self biodegrading things.



"The song of the Sun... for life after oil".
"W2" means "WW" World Wide for global approach,
and "You too" for individual approach.



a Manifest song to make Parliaments more "Green".
"Everything you always wanted to ask your Deputy for...".


"My Mister President,
I send you this message
To you, those of your age,
Count-down is imminent."

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visitor of this site.
Thank you for your attention and thank you for your green actions for solar power, renewable energies and sustainable development.

last update: 16 August 2011
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Green and BIO songs, first are songs.

On these sites, you can listen to and download them.
Also you can let your friends and neighbours know.

Green and BIO songs, this is also a project, with a strong vision:
Yes to solar power,
Yes to renewable energies,
for sustainable development.

Now that we are aware of this, what can we do?
Individually and collectively, how can we act?
We must implement and deploy renewable energies, most of them resulting from solar energy.

Other actions can be taken and no solution must be ignored, because the issue is of utmost importance.

After these songs, we still have a lot of ideas for songs:
English versions, French versions, by our choir: Listen to the French site of
"Solar Song"

More texts and melodies are being worked on, that will become more "Green and BIO" songs, and maybe a whole album, on the web for sure, and also potentially as audio CD.
We are building and enriching this site for all our
"Green and BIO songs"

and the same for our French
"Chansons Vertes et BIO"

To go further, and if we are lucky, we would like to meet with either a producer, an editor, a singer, a sponsor, for example a big town, who would share with us the strong vision of our project:
Be "Green and BIO".
Moreover, being a "BIO producer" is a concept already present throughout agriculture, and here this would mean opening this way for... musical culture. Simply said, when we are at this point, we wish to be able to dispatch "Green and BIO" CDs in carton packs made of 100% recycled materials, with a booklet printed using 100% environment-friendly techniques and 100% recycled paper, packed in a refundable packaging for transportation or 100% recyclable, and printed using vegetable inks.
The CD itself, the "pancake", today it is not -not yet- made out of potatoe starch nor corn starch, biodegradable. But the time will come, and we would be very pleased to be the first to implement this new material.
Yes, think of this: Then we could devour our own songs, biodegradable songs, like all living beings.

Enjoy the songs,
enjoy the sun,
enjoy the Green and BIO songs,
from Jean-Guy and from the Green and BIO Band.